Who else needs some grounding??

When I woke up this morning and put my feet on the floor I swear I could feel the earth moving. It has always been moving, shifting, changing, without my input or knowing. I know the world is and always has been changing, but right now I can palpably feel it, and I admit it's making me feel a bit queasy and creatively paralyzed.

Or am I the one in motion? Who can say.

We are all in the middle of a seismic shift and are looking for some sort of grounding. My grounding has always come from writing, drawing, going outside and sticking my hands in the dirt, and being around old friends. There is a sense of stability from putting the pen to paper or connecting with familiar hearts and minds, and thankfully, these are options that are readily available to us if we just make a move. When I'm so focused on the future and I can't seem to bring my head back to earth, I reach for my journal or planner. I make a list. I call my friend. I write the same word over and over and over and over again until the word starts to look like shapes, and then lines, and then nothing at all. It's usually after that when an authentic thought or idea can emerge, without fear. I can usually take a step then.

I wish I could control and make better all the bad things that happen in our world. I wish I could convince someone to heal their pained heart. I want to round up the folks who don't seem to feel the suffering of others and make them lie down in the grass and connect with the sky/themselves/the infinite love that is available to them. But that is not my job to control, to force, or to think that I know what's best. Thankfully, I only have myself to control. I only have myself to address.

The best I can do is express myself. I can release the creative ideas from their hidey-holes and be relentless in my quest to be myself. Guilt free expression, and feeling, and doing. That's a gift I can give myself and the rest of the world at any time, no matter what. If only I just take that first step.

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