Working with the Artist Archetype


painting by Howard Finster

If you are a human being, then you are a creative force. We are all here to fulfill some sort of creative higher purpose, and it looks very different for each person. Too often we can discredit our creativity, or claim that we aren’t true artists simply because we don’t paint internationally reviewed masterpieces, or live in an industrial loft making conceptual sculptures out of dumpster treasures and gold teeth (though some might!). Sometimes we take the word ‘art’ very literally and don’t leave room for the infinite possibilities of creation. Or more commonly, we will limit our scope of creativity based on what society and our parents have told us: Is it practical? Useful? Does it come with a 401k? Sometimes it does! But often if it doesn’t guarantee to pay the bills then we drop it. Leaving our idea to fizzle into dust before it's had the chance to take a breath.

This is, of course, a self-sabotaging pattern that we all possess in some form or another and it can seep into many areas of our lives. To claim that we have any control over how our creativity is supposed to look is a bit of a laughable attempt, don’t you think? What the heck do we even know? There is an infinite unknown universe out there made up of energy combustion, timeless black holes, other life forms (aliens, y'all.), and we're sitting here ignoring our gut instincts simply because it doesn’t fit into the narrow scope in which we envision our lives. We know nothing, Jon Snow. 

What would happen if we stopped limiting ourselves? What if we quit looking around at our peers and comparing our creative journey with theirs? What if we instead took the energy that we feel when we are inspired and start taking steps towards actualizing our new ideas?

When we look at the archetypal energies of our world we will find a multitude of common threads, repeated stories, personas, and outcomes. The Artist Archetype is an energetic pattern that I find exceptionally fascinating not only for the artist's power to bring a cosmic idea into being, but because the Artist Archetype must go to battle with themself in order to do so. If you identify with the Artist then you already know a lot about this battle. This is the battle of “am I talented enough?” “will I be able to pull this idea off?” “will others recognize me in the ways in which I think I deserve?” 

There is also the common logistical battle we go through when it comes to realizing our creative ideas: “I don’t have enough money to live a creative life”, “I don’t have the skills”, “I don’t have time”, etc.

Perhaps though, the most common, all consuming, total gridlocking, never going to get past this brick wall, thought we have during this battle of the self is simply: “I’m not good enough. Oh, and by the way. I suck.”

This space of self-doubt is where I feel called to focus on when it comes to creating a new tool for The Rainbow Vision and helping others embrace the artist archetypal energy of their life. To be an artist is to take a structureless idea and bring it to form. It is the act of plucking an abstract thought out of the ether and presenting it to the world. If that sounds like a monumental task then you’re right, and it’s often felt as a burden for most artists. But it doesn’t have to be so weighty, especially if we can ease up on our resistance. To me, the artistic process is almost like working through a knot of inner setbacks and hurdles; picking through the threads until we feel like we have the freedom and space to let the idea flow through.

It is a humble attempt, but my hope is that through inspiring journals, planners, workbooks and other processing tools we can all get a little closer to working through our knot of self-doubts and blockages no matter how dark they seem. I want you to feel like you’ve forged a clear, working path for you and your idea to boldly venture into the unknown.

In these tumultuous and quickly shifting times we are being called to deepen our intuition and recognize our artistry, of which can take many, many different forms. There is no right or wrong way; there just is. The more we reveal and nurture our authentic selves and respect our particular flavor of creativity then the better we will connect and heal

I dream of a world where we love and support ourselves with vulnerable realness.

I dream of a world where we are all making moves towards recognizing our unique gifts and fearlessly revealing them to each other.

I dream of a world where we hold each other up and celebrate each other’s artistry.