Your Purpose is in Plain Sight

photo of Leela at about 7 years old and her dog Maggie in a volkswagen bus

photo of young Leela and dog Maggie going on a camping trip in the family volkswagen bus (lovingly named "Sweet Pickles")

When I think back on who I was as a child a few things stick out to me: I was unapologetically silly, bold, and a tomboy all the way through. I liked to be theatrical. I liked being dirty and scuffed up. I have always connected with the peaceful depth of nature, found magical escape in the exploration of my daydreams, and the steady drive to create with my mind and my hands has always been present.

One of my favorite things to do as a kid was make elaborate picture books of my dog Maggie. Maggie was always on some strange adventure and saving the day (as dogs do) and I remember the feeling of success that came from completing a whole story. A beginning, middle, and end, complete with (thanks to my dad's unsuspecting office supplies) a plastic protective cover anywhere between 20-35 staples along the spine in order to ensure a sturdy binding. I would xerox dozens of copies and produce a thick stack of booklets and wait until captive family members came over and I could pitch my new novels. They were $0.25 each. 

From concept, to creation, to presentation, to sale - there was something about the energy of the whole exchange that captivated me.

As we grow older we encounter a variety of life experiences and our ego goes through the wringer. We absorb messages, both from our family and the cultures in which we live, about the way in which we should be. Whether these messages are direct or subtle, we absorb them into our beliefs about ourselves just the same. These stories about how we should be are so ingrained in our thinking that we don’t even know that there is a version of ourselves sitting right behind the chatter, just watching and listening to the whole thing. The countless times we have talked ourselves out of expressing our feelings, our ideas, and ultimately, our authentic selves. It’s no wonder most of us are wandering through life just waiting for someone to tell us what we need to do. We are looking for someone else to step in and give us permission to simply be ourselves.

That person does exist. That person, of course, is you. Not the “you” that judges and critiques. It’s not the “you” that feels overwhelmed by trying to decide what the “right” way to be is, or the right way to be a part of this beautiful mess of a world. The real you is the spirit that is patiently sitting within and watching all of your drama. 

The real you is the person you have convinced yourself you’re not allowed to be.

When we look back through our childhoods we can find clues, and sometimes they are completely obvious, like when you think you’ve lost your car keys but they’re sitting right in front of you. Who were you before you were told “no”? Did you used to be loud and playful? Were you happiest when you were talking to the trees and the bugs? Do you have some grit to you that you're afraid to let be known?

What is your creative superpower that is hiding in plain sight? 

We are living in a moment in time where we are being called to remember ourselves. We are needing reconnection with our creativity in a way that is healing, not only for ourselves, but for the healing of our world. We’re being called to step off the hamster wheel of our minds and dive deep into our purpose. When we are clear on who we are, then we experience endless joy. When we find joy, we heal the world.

I am currently building a course that focuses on getting clear on our unique creative purpose. We will be exploring childhood clues, archetypal awareness, and how to dissolve the blocks that hold us back. This course is still in the works, but if you can learn more about it here and sign up to be the fist to know about introductory pricing. 

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