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a screenshot of Winona Ryder and Janeane Garofalo in Reality Bites with the quote: "You watch TV, chain-smoke, you don't go outside or do anything. Man you really need a new *UNDATED* planner!"

Yes yes, it’s that time again! The time where I recycle this meme I made ages ago and tell you about a new, updated, lovely planner that is in production AS WE SPEAK.

Also, can we just talk about this ridiculous movie for a moment? If you watched Reality Bites when you were really young but haven’t again as an actual adult, let me suggest it. The amazing, unnecessary drama. The brokeness. Janeane Garafolo is perfect. Winona Ryder’s career crisis (hello everyone I know right now). The “who cares” of the 90s that Gen Z could never replicate, no matter how baggy the cargos, or how sparkly the Dr. Marten flops. Ethan Hawke is a greasy babe, a total butthole, and just the pile of work that every straight girl wants to fix in their 20s. LOVE. IT.

But anywho, this post isn’t really about movies. Or Ethan Hawke’s goatee.

It’s about planners, and Rainbow Vision officially, for real, stepping *carefully* back in business.

“But Leela, why are you releasing a planner at the end of March?” you might be wondering. I know what you mean. Technically, this is not “planner season”, but I know there are some of you out there that missed out on the undated planners this past fall. Maybe you were hoping for a dated one to come out this year that never emerged (SORRY). Maybe you just heard about Rainbow Vision and you have no clue what a planner is. Whoever might be here, I’m happy to tell you about the new and much improved, Undated Rainbow Vision Planner:

first page of a planner book with a drawing of a mirrorimage of a paper pocket inside a planner with a sheet of small multi-colored stickers with the names of the months
Formerly known as the “Open Dated” planner, I’ve decided to simply call it the Undated planner so that it’s straight to the point: This planner has no dates (but it does have a list of major holidays, moon phases, and mercury retrogrades for 2024 & 2025!)

I’ve also changed the layout to reflect the same layout as the yearly dated version that comes out in the fall. The weeks now all coincide with each month, so no more flipping between the “months” section and the “weeks” section (if you’ve had one before then you know what I’m saying). I know this has been a big annoyance for so many people and I’m happy to say that I finally figured it out. Each month view page is now directly followed by 5 weekly view spreads. And, depending on the month, sometimes you won’t need the 5th weekly view. So you’ll just leave it blank.


Just so y’all know, you can always make a thing, make it kind of wonky, produce thousands of them over several years, and not even begin to see a simple fix that is staring at you directly in the eye. This is why asking for help matters. This is why mentorship matters.

(This is also why you should occasionally break your “don’t get distracted by what other people are doing” stance and actually google how other companies are doing just might help with some basics.)
page of a planner book that reads "My Month Ahead"Image of a page that says "My Personal Guide" followed by an exercise to help prepare for the year
I have also included a brand new, three part, personal development section at the beginning of the book to help you get ready for your new year. I am very proud of this section and put a lot of thought behind each activity. I tried to keep each part straight forward, but with questions that hopefully evoke some of the more hidden parts of yourself that are asking to come to the surface.

The good parts! The creative gems! The sassy and poetic goddess, teacher, artist, builder, activist, explorer, and more, within!
image of a small spiral bound notepad for everyday todo lists

Also coming back in stock is the handy dandy Today Planner. I’ve had several requests for this little fancy todo list pad and I’m happy to say it’s making a return. I’ve missed it myself!

Plus, greeting cards, notebooks, and some of the very last Universal Cloths known to man. All items marked PRE-ORDER will be packaged and shipped in the middle of April (I don’t have an exact date at this time), but all other items can ship now.

I’m bringing back all best selling favorites so that Rainbow Vision can get things cranking again, but I have lots of idea for new types of offerings later this year. Thank you so much for checking out the revamped website, and for any and all pre-orders. Even if you aren’t in a place to buy things, every single share, comment, “like”, good word, and quiet blessing is helping me get this little art machine up and running again.

Thank you for being here. I promise next week I will go back to writing about other things :)

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