Tackling Creative Blocks

At some point along my creative journey I realized that if I wanted to ever put myself “out there”, I was going to have to change some of my behaviors. I was bound and determined to create an inspiring career for myself where I had complete creative control, and where I would be able to use my voice. The only issue with that? That meant actually finishing my projects, and putting them “out there”. Terrifying.

On the outside it can seem like someone really has their ish together and has no fear when it comes to their expression. However, the reality is that person has, more than likely, trained themselves to push past their comfort zone. Even those folks who are naturally extroverted and expressive; even they have fear about being seen and being vulnerable. They've just practiced pushing through that fear many, many, many, many times over.

Another common way in which this type of fear can take shape is through creative blocks. Creative blocks, where you feel like you just have no idea how to put one foot in front of the other on a project, are a natural occurrence that everyone experiences. While it can feel so much easier to simply roll over and curl into a ball when you've hit a brick wall, staying in your comfort zone ultimately creates stagnation. By pushing through with fire we can slowly create new patterns of being and become masters at manifesting our creative dreams.

Here's a simple little exercise I like to do when I'm feeling stumped. It may seem silly, it may even seem ridiculous, but trust me. Our minds are powerful and capable of change. Visualization exercises, especially when repeated regularly, are a great way to create new behaviors!


graphic showing visualization technique for creative blocks


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