Be the Fool

Jumping into your dream (right now)

As I continue to build out coursework geared towards helping folks start building the creative job of their dreams, there is one thing that keeps coming up. No matter how much insight, practical tips, or hot takes I can give regarding how to build your own creative business, there are some things that just simply cannot be taught. There is an energy to creating something completely new that can only be felt, embraced, and acted upon by you.
Starting something new is anything but logical. It is not something that can be forced, and it is certainly not something that your parents or anyone around you is going to give you permission to do.
Just like the impulsive Fool, you must simply jump in.
Yes, you can make a plan. Yes, you should gather materials and do necessary research to get yourself set up. But at some point you must decide when to take the leap. There is a point where the wind shifts, and you decide to let it take you. Call it a muse, call it a breaking point. There is a moment when you must let go of your expectations of what something should be, and you finally allow it to grow into what it needs to become. 
This goes for any sort of creative or artistic aspiration. Post your unfinished works in progress on social. Express your authentic thoughts and feelings without self-censorship. Start your art business. Allow for yourself to be seen as an unfinished piece of work (and watch the world thank you for it). 
Allow yourself to become the person that you don't think you're allowed to be.
So much of what holds us back from our creative dreams is simply not starting. Every success story that you've heard of is because someone embraced their inner Fool and made an impulsive leap of faith. They followed their gut and their heart. They trust fell into the unknown. They threw up their hands and said "ok fine, let's try it". 
The wisdom of the Fool is the doorway to embracing our dreams.

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