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The Vibrant Artist

We are born to be creative. With our one unique life we have a choice: To live as our authentic selves and experience life from a place of joy, or we can sit back and watch others do just that and wonder to ourselves, “what if I had just been myself?”

Your creativity is needed. You need your creativity. We can each come up with endless justifications for not pursuing our gifts: "I don’t have the right skills. I’m too busy. I’m too old. I don’t have enough money. I’ll never be as successful as so-and-so." and on and on. At the core of our insecurity and self-judgement can be narrowed down to a single universal human fear; our fear of being “seen”. 

In my upcoming course we will deep dive into what's holding us back from living as our authentic selves. We will peel back the onion of our lives and build an awareness on how we tend to get stuck in our own mess. Through the archetype of the Artist we will learn how we tend to resist our own power and design a daily ritual to dissolve our self-judgement. Through lecture, worksheets, visualizations, and guided planning, we will begin walking down a new path of authenticity and clarity that will bring your unique gifts to the forefront of your life.

When we are clear on who we are, then we find our joy.

When we find our joy, we heal the world.

Who is this course for?

This course is for anyone who is trying to get past their insecurities and pursue a vibrantly creative life. This course is for artists, writers, entrepreneur hopefuls, mystics, introverted deep thinkers, small business owners, etc. This course is for any and all creative people looking to actualize their vision.

What if I don't think of myself as an artist?

The term "artist" is simply an idea. Each of us is the artist of our life; picking and choosing how we want to experience the world and designing how we put ourselves out there. You do not need to be an artist in the traditional sense to benefit from this course and is only meant as a symbol for us to reap guidance from.


embrace your authentic self and step into the unknown