Everyone needs a mentor.

I believe we are spiritually linked to whatever creative project we are involved in.

To be creative is to be yourself. It takes consistent efforts to reach big goals, but when you're clear about your unique strengths and what success means for you, then you're already ahead. The clarity that can come from talking with someone who's "been there and done that" can be an invaluable asset, and not to mention a huge time saver.

Let me help you take a step back from what's keeping you blocked and come up with a plan that makes sense for you.

My expertise lies in...
  • Branding & story telling

  • Marketing that doesn’t feel sh*tty

  • Product design

  • Building a wholesale business

  • Building a product based business that minimizes environmental harm

  • Helping artists and creative thinkers figure out what type of creative business is right for them

  • Discovering new revenue channels that sustain, rather than drain.

  • Scaling your business and risk assessment

What it is

A 60 min zoom consultation tailored towards whatever problems you are facing as an artist, business owner, or anyone trying to get their creative project off the ground. This is for the absolute beginner, as well as the seasoned business owner. When you book a Fire Starter session you will also receive a PDF with an action plan based on our conversation and findings.

Who it's for

This is perfect for someone who is not only looking for practical advice on how to grow their brand or creative practice, but who is also looking for some sage guidance on how to do that with a healthy self awareness. I love to implement both down to earth advice, as well as tap into my own intuition about where someone is in their journey. I like to keep in mind the big picture of who someone is, what their goals are, and how we can make sure we are implementing practices that will sustain them as a person while pursuing creative goals.

How I can Help

I have extensive knowledge on what it means to build a product line from scratch. I know what it’s like to have minimal resources for getting started. In my experience, it’s not what’s freely available to us that helps us grow; it’s often times the restraints we feel from lack of money, time, etc. that push us to create our best and smartest work.

What it is not

  • A session on how to use specific technologies aka how to build a website, use illustrator, or figure out any sort of technical issue that could be resolved with a google search.

  • Seeking the vendor and supplier information on currently sold Rainbow Vision products, (aka divulge proprietary information). But, I’m happy to offer guidance on how to find your own suppliers.

LEELA HOEHN, Artist & Brand Builder

I have worked with a wide range of creative individuals doing vastly different things, including: established small business owners, independent artists, program directors, writers, educators, and more.

Sessions can be greatly productive for someone just starting out on their next creative path, all the way to the seasoned brand owner.

Sometimes a fresh perspective is what we need.

let's get together and make a plan

Have a question about Creative Consulting?

Send me a message and I'm happy to answer any and all questions about this service.

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