a few things that matter more than social media...

**actual stats from the Rainbow Vision instagram account lol**


This unedited photo of flower seeds that I had completely forgotten about and have now bloomed.

My own inner wisdom about the world.

In person connections.

My messy authenticity.

Deep creative thought and the right to be still.

Fresh baked bread that I enjoyed too much to take a photo.


The unseen monumental work of being a parent.

Trying out a new medium and opening a doorway.

My art.

...and so much more!


Lately I have been taking solace in watching how other artists and creative folks are navigating (or not navigating at all) this strange time of social media and the age of "influencing". At the risk of sounding, well, very old, I have not been feeling good about my use of social media or how it's supporting what I want to build with Rainbow Vision anymore. The amount of energy going into something that brings little return, (and may even be unintentionally harmful??) is starting to feel really off. While it was once great for INSTA connection, that is clearly not the case anymore. So what is it for these days?

When I sit with the concept of "influencer culture", which is how most brands gain exposure these days, my whole existence cringes. It feels bad. It just doesn't feel right. It feels like an uncomfortable phase. Kind of like frosted eyeshadow and ultra lowrise denim (I know that nonsense has come back in style but just hear me). What is the most important thing to me as far as creative expression goes? Keeping it f**king real, of course! So what IS all this...?

I don't have a clear happy medium for this weird social media society we're all a part of, but I know one thing. I'm looking forward to it's evolution into something ELSE. I'm ready for a new way. Maybe that won't happen for a long time, or maybe it'll happen this year. Maybe the new way looks a little like the old way, and we'll remember the value of being little more anonymous. Maybe we'll remember the beautiful mystery of organically discovering something that resonates with us...

It might be a slower way, but I think I could adjust.


a few things inspiring me to slow the F down:

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