re-do the to-do

I used to think that before I could focus on what brings me joy, I needed to do the most tedious work first. Emails, finances, social media… These are just a few of the things that would take up the top tier of my to do list every day. Once I got through these tasks then I could get to the good stuff: drawing, writing, creating something new that I had been dreaming about for weeks. 

Wowwww did I have that all completely wrong…

While it’s true I did feel a sense of accomplishment after I finished some of these more superficial forms of “working”, 9 times out of 10 I would feel less interested in getting to the more important stuff. The energy that I would put into constantly answering DMs, checking my email, or simply feeling stuck about what to even post on social media, was energy that I could’ve been directing towards my creativity. My art and what feeds my joy is the most important thing on my to do list. 

When I prioritize the task that actually gives me energy, then I have more energy for everything else. 

One of the big reasons why artists and creative business owners feel burnt out is not because they are incapable of getting things done. It’s the exact opposite. Creative people are capable of getting so much done that it’s easy to lose sight of the most important task at hand: doing what brings you joy.

Aka making your art

Aka nourishing yourself

Aka embracing your power

Aka trusting it will all get done

We tend to think that we’re always running out of time, but there is always enough time when we are in a place of joy, creativity, and fulfillment. If you are someone who tends to put the most menial tasks down first, try switching it up this week. Even if it’s just making a few marks on the page, putting some words on a doc, or spending 5 minutes practicing your guitar, you are filling your cup for the day. Do this every day and watch your perspective shift. Look at how much real work you get done. The more we focus on our unique sense of purpose and joy, everything else will follow suit.

What is one thing that you can do today to feed your joy?

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